Before Beginning

In order to ensure that your child has the greatest chance at success, you should consider securing the following items before beginning lessons. (Please note that these items are not required when beginning the WunderKeys preschool piano curriculum.):

  1. A piano. I highly recommend purchasing or renting an acoustic piano (Standard, Upright, or Grand are all satisfactory). Though digital pianos are not as highly recommended for students as they do not quite replicate the action and acoustics of an acoustic piano, they are satisfactory if space or pricing is an issue. If you should purchase a digital piano, I would highly recommend an 88-key weighted piano. If cost is a hindrance, consider purchasing a used acoustic piano. Craigslist is a great place to begin your search.
  2. A metronome, such as the one pictured here. You can also use a downloadable metronome app, such as the one pictured here.


Additional Materials

  1. Books:  Once your child begins taking lessons, you will also be required to purchase books. I will determine your child’s level before recommending books for purchase.
  2. I would also recommend using a binder or folder for keeping your child’s take-home activity sheets organized.


Downloadable Resources

Flash cards